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Wheelie Machine & Extreme Motorsport Stunt Shows

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Stunt shows and wheelie machine at your next event!

Vertical Trix are a motorsport stunt display team, incorporating cars, bikes and other stunt toys into our shows. Wheelies, stoppies and burn outs are just the basics in our shows, and we aim to give our crowds an adrenaline filled experience. Our skilled stunt riders and drivers are highly skilled, and can even offer you the chance to have a go at pulling a wheelie, on our custom built twin head-2-head wheelie machine! The wheelie machine provides a realistic feel, and can be used to perfect your wheelie technique.

If you have an event to organise, such as an open day, corporate event or show, please get in touch and discuss your requirements with our team.  We offer wheelie machine hire, motorcycle stunt shows, or a combination of whatever you require.

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Bell are our favourite helmet brand, as well as the worlds leading helmet company,  so we are extremely fortunate to be sponsored by them. Bell helmets are purpose built - they do the job they were intended to do, and with 50 years of design history, they look the part too. Every helmet has state of the art design features, and one of the best safety specifications in the world. To purchase a Bell helmet or for more info, visit their website.